Oysters Landing in Tarrytown

Hey!  It’s not ALL about Tarrytown austin homes for sale here!  No, sometimes we do actually take a break, and if you find yourself  doing the same thing in Tarrytown, and want to hang out by the water. Oysters landing is the place.

It’s located along Lake Austin Blvd where it intersects with Enfield Rd nestled neatly between the lake, Tarrytown and Tom Miller Dam.

There are boat docks, restaurants and several offices. Parking is pretty tight so plan on valet or park across the street where the signs direct you.

There are 3 great hang out spots here and all are worth trying. If you’ll follow along you’ll find pictures below to give you a since of the area. The restaurants all have links so if you want to check out menu’s or whatever they are there for your convenience.

1. Hula Hut Tex Mex with a surfer/Hawaiian twist

My personal favorite. Great place to sit relax, soak up the outdoors and have enjoy food that puts a spin on the normal Tex Mex food around here.

There is a nice covered eating area that is sorta like a pier going out into the lake. In my opinion probably the best seat in the house but personally I can only take so much sun.

2. Abels on The Lake  Sports bar/ Family restaurant 

Great place to go. Really large decks out on the water. These guys are able to handle really large parties. They also have a pretty good brunch

3. Mozarts Coffee Bakery and Coffee shop

A lot of people meet here and study here. The deck is always full of people working on their laptops etc. Their coffee and deserts are pretty great too.

Hope you get a chance to visit this great place.

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