Listing Your Home During the Winter Holidays


Many families are reluctant to list their homes during the holidays.  The season can already be hectic and many people don’t want to deal with the added distraction of preparing your home for sale.  I can totally relate.  But before you eliminate the idea completely, there are some benefits to consider.

Because there tend to be fewer homes on the market during the holidays, your home has less competition.  Plus the people that are looking for a home during the holidays are usually serious buyers.  Holiday work schedules can be more relaxed too, which means your buyers may have more time to look for homes than during their regular work schedule.  If you put those factors together, you have a good chance of getting your home sold.  And with less competition, you may actually earn more money than if you waited to sell after the holidays.  Also keep in mind that many homes show better when they are decorated for the season.

Of course, no one wants strangers touring their house while you are sitting down for a holiday meal.  An experienced realtor will work with you to restrict showings at inconvenient times.  It may also be possible to adjust your move-out date so that it doesn’t interfere with your family holiday traditions.

If you’d like to discuss listing your home for sale during December, contact us at 512-789-0869.


Paul Reddam | December 2015

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