What can I buy in downtown Austin under $350K?

What can I buy within the downtown Austin real estate market for less than $350K?

The answer is: more than you might think. About one-third of the downtown market is priced under $350K right now.

Four at 1800 Lavaca St. – The Greenwood Towers:

It’s an older building, built in 1966, and has been known to attract college students – Probably due to the affordability. Three units are priced right around $100K.

Two at 1101 Shoal Creek:

Also an older building – built in 1961. These are just east of Lamar and inside of what can be considered downtown. They are very close to my favorite Austin Community College campus and pretty much at the base of the Clarksville neighborhood. Both units are two beds, 1.5 baths and right around $270K. In my opinion, this would be a pretty perfect place to stay while in college.

Eight at 360 Nueces St.  –  The 360 Tower:

Built recently, in 2008, it is right in the thick of downtown with excellent access to the downtown life, beautiful views, modern amenities and a cool, hip lifestyle. All the units under $350K are 1/1s and are between 700-800 square feet.

Four at 40 N. I-35 – The Towers at Town Lake:

I have  always wanted to like these. But other than their attractive prices, it’s tough. They were built in 1983. You can get a decent sized place 2/2 (1,500 square feet) for $325K, but in my opinion you’re not really downtown. It feels stuffy, old and dated.

Two  at 603 Davis St. – The Shore:

These spots were built in 2006, are close to Lady Bird Lake and in the middle of the Rainey Street redevelopment. I like it – with the caveat of you’re not really downtown, but you are close. And if you like to run, you have access to the best running Austin has to offer.

One at 800 Brazos St. – Brazos Place :

This is a remodeled older building that was built in 1949. It’s in a great location, within walking distance to the Capitol, to the historic Driskill Hotel, 6th Street or the famed Paramount Theatre. This particular unit is probably my favorite of the day for it’s location and price: $250K.

Two at 300 Bowie – The Spring Condo:

Built in 2007 and just north of Lady Bird Lake, this building is an easy walk to Whole Foods, GSD&M and the newly popular West 6th Street, and a slightly longer walk – about 9 blocks – to the heart of downtown. There’s a great view and rooftop pool. A cool lifestyle can definitely be found here.

Two at 901 W. 9th St. – The Nokonah:

Built in 2001, at the corner of 9th Street and Lamar, the Nokonah is a nice place, but it isn’t downtown. And it’s location is not very walk-friendly. There is some stuff on Lamar to walk to, but still – you’re not downtown. You’re more so at the base of the Clarksville neighborhood.

One at 555 E. 5th St. – The Five Fifty Five:

Built in 20o4 and a part of the Hilton Hotel, it’s in a great downtown location with awesome views. Floor-to-ceiling windows, a balcony and – if you want to avail yourself – all hotel amenities including room service and concierge. Not bad for a $320K one bed, one bath.

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