While looking around, doing your Austin home buying research these helpful buyer links might come in handy.
If you are curious about buying a home and using me as your Realtor, these are a few  things that differentiate me from others.
  • Selling Central Austin a has been my passion since 1994. I like the idea of keeping my buyers as central as possible because  it’s historically been the first area to appreciate in an up market and the last to go down in a down market.
  • You will never be sold to. Instead you’ll be told about potential resale issues. I tend to point out the reasons you wouldn’t want to buy a particular home instead of just telling you “this one is great, your should buy it”.  Sometimes, you won’t like hearing all the reasons not to buy that home but for me – that is a bog part of my job.
  • You won’t be tied up with a buyers representation agreement with me and as long as we feel like we are working well together -  I’ll consider it an honor to represent you as your buyers agent.

If you are buying and need some help, give me a call or send me an e-mail. I’m always happy to help.



Can you help us find a home for these buyers?

The Montopolis Bridge

“Montopolis bridge 2013″ Larry D. Moore. Licensed under Creative Commons


Because our super nice East Austin home buyers are having a hard time finding their dream home through the MLS –  we are hitting Facebook, google and the blogosphere asking everyone we can get in front of for help finding a home for these guys. If you know of someone with a home they want to sell that fits the description below and isn’t on the market yet please let us know.

Our buyers are searching Central East Austin’s 78741 area code. They want a house under 170,000 or a duplex under 265k. If they had their choice they really like East Riverside or the Montopolis neighborhoods. If you know of any coming soon or pocket listings coming up in the area please let us know, this tight housing market is fierce and our buyers could really use your help.

Are you looking for coming soon and pocket listings? So are we!

Want to know how we find pocket listing and homes that are coming soon for our buyers? The normal way The way most agents find homes ahead of the MLS is by checking with folks they know, talking to agents they are doing deals with and just getting lucky stumbling onto a coming soon or…

Want to know how much over list price homes are selling for in Crestview?

One of my clients recently needed a quick education on how much more homes are selling for in Crestview/ Brentwood. So, I pulled all the 3/2′s and better that have sold in Crestview/ Brentwood in the last 90 days with less than 5 days on the market. Here you can see the list price (what…

3/2 with large lot in Hyde Park Coming soon at 424,900

This Wednesday or Thursday, once the house is all dolled up we will be posting this home on the MLS. Thought you guys might want to know in advance in case you know someone looking for this sort of thing. Anyway this home is a well cared for 3/2 that is about 1200 feet. The…

Austin among top 10 cities where a paycheck stretches the farthest

With the dramatic appreciation that we have seen in Austin real estate these past few years, I hear the question “When will this stop?”  at least once a week.  This Forbes article discusses an interesting metric that might give some clue to how long this price appreciation might go on. The article starts with a discussion of income…

Staying close in with good schools and swimming pools!

With Summer kicking off thought it might be a good idea for us to take a look at Austin homes under 2 million, with a few good choices just shy of 700k that are VERY close to downtown, have refreshing swimming pools and offer excellent public schools. If you see anything you like, want more…

Austin Highschools as ranked by US News and World Report

A report from US News and World Report came out featuring the best high schools in the country. Several of Austin’s high schools were ranked well. For me there were a few surprises here. These rankings are NOT national – they are out of 1,492 high schools in the great state of Texas. If good…

Tips on how to buy a good investment property in Austin

I’m a bit of a numbers nerd and I thought others might be interested in a discussion regarding investment property valuations. I’m sure there are other schools of thought, but here are two main ways I evaluate investment property. It’s similar to equities, you have stocks that you expect to go up in price (appreciation…

Almost 1/2 acre in Northwest Hills, Walk to schools, Flat yard

4203 Venado presents a pretty unique deal, especially at 749,900 This is some great Northwest Hills real estate it’s in one of my favorite interior sections of Northwest Hills and feeds to Doss Elementary comes with 2 lots that could be easily divided for development now or in the future. is in walking distance of…

Central Austin homes under 300k

If you’re looking a home in Austin under 3ook and want to stay close in. There are 3 basic directions you can go. North, up the 183 corridor from Lamar to 620 (or just North) South Austin (south of Ben White aka 290 or 71) East Austin Each has it’s pro’s and con’s The 183…