Buying a home can be easy and fun. We handle the details, give you advice, recommendations and execute for you along the way. You just focus on making the decisions that are right for you.

Our 7 steps to becoming a homeowner.
  1. Find, negotiate and secure the right home for you
  2. Inspect the heck out of the home. (we will tell you what due diligence we would perform)
  3. Negotiate from those inspections
  4. Make final decisions on your loan and homeowners insurance
  5. Arrange utilities for the day of closing
  6. Sign closing documents
  7. SMILE – you own a home

Not only is buying easy, it’s never too early to talk with me about your thoughts. I’m happy to help you a year or more before you ever buy.

If you are just exploring and/ or want to do some deep diving on due diligence we appreciate you stopping by. To say thanks we want to share some helpful buyer links that might be useful to you.


JUST LISTED: 1411 Gracy Farms Lane #133

exterior scene kitchen living area vaulted ceiling
We recently listed this upgraded condo in Gracy Farms.  Offered at $149,900, this is a great property for first-time homeowners or investors.    Conveniently located in North Austin near the Domain — which many think will become Austin’s 2nd downtown — this area is on track to see noticeable appreciation in the coming years.
The 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath property features several upgrades, including real wood floors in the living room with a cozy gas fireplace, 2″ blinds on the 1st floor, travertine tile in the dining and kitchen areas, and granite counters.  The layout is also highly functional with two spacious bedrooms upstairs with plenty of closet space.  The laundry room is located on the 1st floor near kitchen.  The  large windows and natural light coupled with the vaulted ceilings make this home seem larger than its 1,108 square feet.

The home also has the benefit of a back patio enclosed with a privacy fence and  access to the community pool.  The well-maintained community and mature trees make this a warm and welcoming place to call home.

For inquiries or to arrange to see the condo, contact Paul Reddam at 512-300-2995.

Paul Reddam | January 2016

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