Buying a home can be easy and fun. We handle the details, give you advice, recommendations and execute for you along the way. You just focus on making the decisions that are right for you.

Our 7 steps to becoming a homeowner.
  1. Find, negotiate and secure the right home for you
  2. Inspect the heck out of the home. (we will tell you what due diligence we would perform)
  3. Negotiate from those inspections
  4. Make final decisions on your loan and homeowners insurance
  5. Arrange utilities for the day of closing
  6. Sign closing documents
  7. SMILE – you own a home

Not only is buying easy, it’s never too early to talk with me about your thoughts. I’m happy to help you a year or more before you ever buy.

If you are just exploring and/ or want to do some deep diving on due diligence we appreciate you stopping by. To say thanks we want to share some helpful buyer links that might be useful to you.


What return can you get investing in a property in Austin over 10 years?

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I wanted to work through a math problem I was thinking about this winter. Recently I sold the first house I ever owned. When I did the math on the rate of return over 14 years I was shocked. Including the down payment and repairs over the years, there was $60,000 invested in the property; the profit / cash invested and divided by number of years gave me an approximate simple return of 25% every year over the 14 years.

When my younger sister was about to buy a house this spring, the angst of her taking on risk forced me into excel to crunch the numbers on this for days. :-)

Here is the hypothetical problem – if someone buys a home that is close to cash flow neutral (rents = costs) will they be profitable over the long run and how profitable will they be?

This is what I came up with. Granted I am no CFA – and certainly not an accountant or an investment advisor of any kind, but at first glance the return looks good.

I bought my first house in 2000 and sold that house in 2015 – a golden age in Austin real estate. For this reason I didn’t want to use the insane appreciation I experienced since I think it’s an unrealistic expectation. Instead, I used a modest 3% appreciation expectation for both the price of the home and the rent. This also happens to be the average rate of appreciation in Austin real estate over the last 30 years, so I felt like it was a decent conservative expectation.

Based on my analysis (using 8th grade math) the return on a house purchased with 25% down would give the owner an average rate of return of 13% over 10 years. In the real life example, however, the house was slightly cash flow negative – loosing $1,147/ year the first year, so that loss is included in this example as well. This model doesn’t include income tax implications currently.

It was interesting to see the numbers mapped out in this way and see how appreciation works in your favor over the years. Cash flow from this example is only $10,000 over 10 years. With appreciation providing $106,000 of the return. If you’d like to see it mapped out I’ve included a snap shot below.


Jen Berbas

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