Why invest in Northwest Hills Tarrytown Allandale Crestview


Buying a home as an investment is speculative but so is the stock market or any other investment.

As you can see in this chart real estate has outperformed the Dow, S & P and the Nasdaq by a large margin. This chart was put together by MSN Money and Case Shiller and looked more generally at the national market.to take on.


Central Austin real estate is up 100% + over that same time period. We have concrete advantages other parts of the country don’t….

  • Didn’t participate in the big run up.
  • UT and several other colleges.
  • We are the state Capital
  • We are  business friendly
  • We have jobs coming to town
  • We are culturally diverse
  • We are tolerant and embrace the “weird”
  • We are the live music capital of the world

If you going to invest why not hedge your bets? Invest in Central Austin real estate.  It out performs other investments and it’s a great place to be.


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