Crestview / Brentwood

Why I love the Crestview / Brentwood and Wooten neighborhoods

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Crestview, Brentwood and Wooten are some of my favorite neighborhoods. Crestview and Brentwood  are pretty similar, the difference is in geography. Originally they were both farms on the outskirts of town with the fence line being where Justin Ln is today. Of course now, they are considered Central Austin.

The reasons for buying in Crestview / Brentwood is for it’s great location, cool neighbors and in recent years excellent appreciation. By car you are moments from everything Austin has to offer and without a car there are lots of busses running through the neighborhood and even a light rail train. (Check out Crestview Station)

The neighborhood has a creative and eclectic vibe mixed in with a strong sense of community. Musicians, artists, high tech professionals and every imaginable type of human lives here. It’s just an amazing melting pot of different people.

Wooten is an up and coming hip place to call home with in walking distance of eateries, coffee shops and so on at an affordable price adjacent Crestview and Brentwood.

These homes are not perfect – there are issues we regularly expect to find from an inspection report in these neighborhood. Each problem of course has a solution. We are happy to visit with you about what those are on a home by home issue.

If you want to learn more – let me know. I really could go on and on.