Central Austin can be a tricky place to sell homes.  Not all buyers appreciate the imperfections that can come with an older home in an established area, and without an experienced agent helping you through the process, your deal can stall out before it ever gets started.  Homesville has the knowledge and solutions to get your home seen and sold.   Here’s how we do it.  


There’s a lot of preparation that goes into getting a home ready for sale.  We don’t just show up one day and put your home on the market.  Instead, we are with you every step of the way providing guidance and counsel to get your home ready, seen by buyers, and sold.

Every listing starts with a free, no obligation consultation in your home where we discuss your personal goals, timing, alternatives to selling, and potential sales price.  You’re a person, not just a deal to us, so we spend a great deal of time asking questions and listening so that we can understand and meet your expectations.  

Once we have a solid idea of your objectives, we typically recommend that you have your home pre-inspected.  We share the pre-inspection with potential buyers so they are informed about the condition of the home before they make an offer.  We find that setting the buyers’ expectations this way curbs subsequent requests to renegotiate the purchase price based on issues that have already been disclosed.  It’s a great way to limit “deal turbulence” during your transaction.

To succeed in selling your home, we need to attract buyers through online marketing, from the curb, and inside the house.  We provide a consultation with a professional home stager to help showcase your home at its best inside and out.   If the home is vacant, staging helps potential buyers envision how they can live in and use the home.  If, on the other hand, your home will be occupied when you are selling it, staging will help you develop a plan for decluttering, removing furniture, installing light landscaping, and so on.


Your home won’t sell if it isn’t seen by potential buyers, so we use a methodical marketing plan to ensure your home is seen by as many potential buyers as possible.  And in today’s tech-driven world, that means we make it a priority to market your home using all available resources, both traditional and digital. 

Our efforts to market your home begin before it is even listed for sale.  We assess your property from the standpoint of the potential buyer, and with that framework in mind we develop a unique and creative vision for marketing your home from start to finish.   Everything from the perspective of the eye-catching photographs to the direction of the drone videography to the online strategy is tailored to your individual property.   In short, we create an experience for the buyer.

This starts with professional-grade photographs  taken of your home to help capture buyers’ attention when they are searching for homes online.  We're talking Pinterest-worthy images.  After all, a great picture really is worth a 1,000 words.  Professional videography, including drone videography, is also standard at Homesville.  Depending on the property we may do video walk-through, a neighborhood tour, or even a lifestyle video.   

From there, we will publish your home for sale in the multiple listing service (MLS), Zillow, and Trulia.  That’s the industry standard. But with Homesville you can expect more than just standard service.  Since we are Zillow premier agents your home gets three times more exposure than a typical Zillow listing.  But we don't stop there.

In addition to traditional real estate marketing methods, we make your property the star of our website's home page , and it will be showcased on our blog.  Once a potential buyer looks at your listing on our website or our social media platforms, we then launch a customized web retargeting  program so that the buyer will continue to see your home when they visit other websites.    

We also utilize a strategic social media campaign to increase the exposure your home receives.   We regularly use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in our marketing plan.  We also have an active presence on Linked In and Pinterest, and your home may be featured in one of our topical posts on those sites as well.   We strive to stay on top of the next “big thing” and may add additional platforms from time to time.  We create custom posts to get organic reach, and we also pay to advertise your listing on these and other outlets.  Here's what that looks like:

  • We generate anticipation about your upcoming listing by providing an exclusive first look at your home on all of our social media outlets with a "coming soon" campaign.  
  • Once your home is actively listed for sale, we engage in another series of social promotion with a "just listed" campaign.   
  • Using our eye-catching, professional photographs, we follow the same process when we hold your home open for potential buyers, if there is a price change, or for any important status update about your home.  

Based on the property type, location and style, we may also hold "launch parties" to generate a sense of excitement about your listing.  Using music, food, beverages, and entertainment suited to your home, we create an opportunity for a high volume of potential buyers to view your home in a pleasurable atmosphere.   

This sophisticated marketing plan is designed to attract, target, and win over the ideal buyer for your property.  And it works...


Homesville’s negotiating style is friendly but firm.   As Certified Negotiation Experts (CNE), our skillful negotiators will find solutions to meet your needs without unnecessarily fanning the flames of conflict or creating drama.  We know what team we are on (yours!), and we are relentless in getting you the best possible result using pre-planned negotiation tactics and a deep understanding of various neighborhood conditions.  


There’s so much more to selling your home than meets the eye.  We’ve taken the mystery out of the real estate process and developed extensive educational materials for homesellers so you can be an informed participant in your real estate transaction.  


We are confident you will be pleased with our services, and because of that, we don’t push our sellers to sign long, binding contracts with us.  If you’re unhappy with our services or simply change your mind about selling your home, you can quit working with us at any time at no cost to you so long as it’s before we receive an offer on your home.