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90-191k better than other agents interviewed

Apr 19, 2014 by Kate Sullivan

Paul is a great realtor and now considered a friend. When we were considering agents we drove around with one agent for two hours. I wanted to be shown what I could buy for investment on the east side of town using the proceeds from the sale- which the agent would have as listing agent. The real estate agent (JP Goodwin), upon dropping us off, said he needed to know 'if this was going to go anywhere' before looking at more real estate. I hated the feeling that I was wasting his time if I couldn't know for a fact that I'd buy something. You have never made me feel that way and so my biggest regret in pulling the listing is that you won't be getting a sale. That realtor also put heavy pressure on us to take a $650k offer from a builder. You've brought us offers from $680- $740k, so a whole $90k above what that agent said we could get. The two other agents we interviewed suggested $599 (Keller Williams) and $549 (Amelia Bullock). You said, 'I don't know' regarding the price, which was the wisest and most profitable point of view of all. $740-$549 is a whopping $191k price improvement. You pulled in higher price's than any other agent would have been willing to even try for. You're low pressure, a very real person and a pleasure to work with.

Finding the right home. Not just making a deal.

Feb 18, 2014 by Justin M

Paul is a fantastic Realtor. He is driven by the notion of finding the right house for buyers, not just closing a deal. And for sellers he is wise and swift in selling a property. His bed side manors are terrific too. He's calm, listens well, and knows when to step up and defend his clients when a transaction gets tough.

Paul is organized, flexible, super friendly, trustworthy

Oct 10, 2013 by Rachel Kraft

Paul helped me find a home in Austin and I couldn't be happier with using him as my realtor! Paul is organized, flexible, super friendly, trustworthy and a well-seasoned veteran of the Austin real estate market.

In my case, I was purchasing a first home from out of town. I was very familiar with Austin yet purchasing from my current location on the East Coast. Paul showed me and my partner many homes over several months when we were in town and quickly got back to us when we wanted to touch base about something during the whole process. He was patient, answered all of our many questions and gave advice when we asked for it. Paul helped make the entire process--not just finding the right place but seeing through the whole purchase--clear and easy.

I would readily use Paul again, recommend him to friends, and if I sell my home in the future, work with him then, too!

Sold my house for 56k more - really!

Oct 09, 2013 by Mark Barber

I chose Paul to sell my Mother's home after interviewing several Realtors because he just felt like he was the right guy and boy was that a good call! He was so relaxed and easy yet on the ball at every moment and helped make a very sad and difficult process as painless as possible. He really coached and guided me through the process and through patience and perseverance was able to get us far more money for the house than I ever imagined possible, $56,000 more than one Realtor I interviewed even wanted to list it for and $26,000 more than another. I told Paul at the closing that I wish I had several more houses to sell because working with him was such a pleasure. I can't recommend him highly enough!

First time home buyer

Sep 17, 2013 by Tyler R

Buying a first house can be scary, and as a first-time home buyer, I was overwhelmed before meeting Paul. Luckily for me, I found Paul on Yelp and gave him a call. We met up for lunch and he walked me through everything, giving me an overview of the different areas of Austin and an idea of things I should be looking out for while searching. Within a few days, Paul started taking me around to houses to "get my feet wet" and to figure out what area fit my price range and expectations. This went on for a couple of months until I found the perfect house. Paul walked me through the whole closing process, and still stays in touch!

Paul is a great guy, very professional, and, if all that wasn't enough, he ALWAYS returned my emails/texts quickly.

Thanks again for everything Paul!

Bought and Sold

Sep 17, 2013 by Kami H

Sorry for the late review, but, better late than never!

Last summer, right as the Austin housing market began to boom, Paul helped us find a new yard (and house) for the dog. Because of his diligence in suggesting I have a plumber do static tests as part of the inspections, I saved thousands of dollars on costly plumbing repairs. It took several tries to find \"it\" but we did, and after some renovations, now have a beautiful \"new\" old home in an up and coming location with great neighbors. He also was very helpful selling my condo: when to list it; marketing it; and getting me more than the asking price. Woohoo! Had I taken ALL of his advice, I\'d have made thousands more dollars, but had to work within my personal boundaries. Paul was so helpful, honest, sincere, sweet and available, I could not recommend a realtor any higher.

If only there were a 6th star

Aug 14, 2013 by Colin and Anna

I wish that Yelp let you have one sixth star to give each year and if they did, Paul would be getting mine this year. He was everything you could ask for in a real estate agent and then some. He's sharp, incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and works incredibly hard to get you the best deal possible and get you into your new home. He's also incredibly responsive through the whole process via e-mail, text, phone and in person. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a house in Austin.

We came to Paul because my wife and finally found a house we were interested in and we wanted an agent to help us figure out if it was really *the* house. He happily met with us, listened to what we were looking for and helped to answer our questions about just about anything.

It was clear even in the first meeting that he wasn't you're typical agent. It was clear he was up-to-date both with his local real estate knowledge, but also with the broader trends in the industry; he talked about Zillow and Redfin without the normal disdain that realtors seem to have. Also, he was willing to offer his actual opinion on pretty much any issue as opposed to saying "well, that really depends, what do you think?" Even so, he never took offense if you disagreed.

Once he'd listened to what we were looking for, he was able to show us enough houses to make us sure that we had found the right house and weren't missing anything, but he wasn't pushy either in favor of the house we found or anything new.

Once we decided that it was the right house, Paul negotiated us a great deal and helped us through every phase of the process from the inspection to the closing. At every step he was knowledgeable and helpful. He knows somebody good to talk to for every step of the way and his connections mean that he can push things through quickly if needed. He was able to get us a closing date a full week ahead of schedule by putting pressure on the relevant people which helped us immensely.

If you're looking for an agent, start with Paul. You will not be disappointed.

Fantastic Advocate

Aug 14, 2013 by Elaine S

Paul was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire home buying process. We were first-time home buyers, and were moving to Austin from Southern California, so we knew that we needed a realtor that we could trust and who would keep us informed.

Paul impressed us from the moment we met him. He was a fantastic advocate for us, giving us great advice throughout the whole process - both when evaluating homes and throughout the negotiation process. As others can attest, he answers emails/texts at lightning speed, and was also patient with our many questions. He runs a great website and blog that are great resources for anyone learning about the Austin area, and he simply goes above and beyond when it comes to good old customer care. Plus, he's just an all-around awesome guy.

perspective + pro's and con's

Jun 23, 2012 by Sarah Porter

Paul helped my husband and I navigate our Central Austin home buying process, which happily ended with us closing on a wonderful house last week. Despite stepping into the house hunting frenzy just as it became a seller's market with multiple offers, bidding wars, and homes selling before they officially hit the MLS, we still managed to enjoy the overall experience. We give most of the credit to Paul because he understood our needs and wants pretty much immediately, was proactive about scoping good listings for us, has such depth of knowledge about the area that he could set the context and speak to the ins-and-outs of each neighborhood we considered, offered his perspective on the pros/cons of each property (without us ever feeling pressured to make decisions based on his opinion), and reminded us that things would unfold as they should. He was generous with his time, speedy with his responses to any questions we posed via email or phone, and just an all-around great guy. After a false start with another realtor, we realized just how important it is to like spending time with your broker because you tool around town and negotiate the biggest purchase of your life with him. Oh, did I mention that Paul's expertise also saved us thousands of dollars in maintenance issues with the house we picked? He encouraged us to spring for a plumbing inspection given the age of our home, and - lo and behold - unearthed a very costly leak that the sellers ended up covering. We love Paul and would wholeheartedly recommend him for real estate transactions in Central Austin

Excellent Devil's Advocate

May 02, 2012 by Wes Alazzawe

I just closed on a house this week with Paul as my realtor. As I read the other stellar reviews on here, I wondered if I needed to add yet another 5-star review to the pile. I would be remiss to not sing Paul's praises though.

When I decided to buy a house, I was thinking "I need a warm body to let me into the homes I want to see". My previous experience with realtors here and in other cities seemed to suggest that realtors didn't actually bring much to the table. And then I met Paul. Not only is he Austin-savvy, but that man can answer emails at lightening speed! He is an excellent devil's advocate and will help you gauge a negotiating situation from all angles. I have a somewhat busy schedule but Paul was happy to accommodate it and take me out to see homes when I had time.

Paul does a tremendous job of being professional while also being warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. What's more is that his passion for helping people find their homes really shines through. By the time you've finished working with Paul, you'll want him as a friend too.

Central Austin Homes | Homesville Real Estate 512.300.2995 Austin TX, USA 5.0 5.0 51 51 Paul is a great realtor and now considered a friend. When we were considering agents we drove around with one agent for two hours. I wanted to be shown what I could buy for inves