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Our first home!

Sep 11, 2014 by Anna D

I'm pretty certain I could never say enough wonderful things about Paul. But I'm going to give it a try!

My husband and I moved to Austin a couple years ago. When we decided it was time for us to purchase our first home, I found Paul on Yelp. Our first encounter was a simple meeting for coffee. The first thing to note is that Paul is a really easy guy to talk to. He's just one of those all-around nice people. That being said, he's also willing to tell you like it is. It's a perfect combo for us! We discussed different central Austin neighborhoods, what the personality of each one is and what each has to offer. He also gave pointers based on our family goals (i.e., how many children we wanted to have and when). After this meeting, we knew we had found our guy.

The following week, Paul took us around to see a dozen or so places of our choosing. He had clearly done his homework on each place, and had even staked them out before taking us around. There was one house he told us we wouldn't like based on foundation issues and cost, but we pushed to see it anyway. He was right, it was awful. But the experience just goes to show that 1. Paul knows what he is talking about and 2. He is still willing to listen to what you want anyway. It was a fun outing and we even found the house we purchased that day!

Closing the deal with Paul was a real estate dream. Purchasing a house is stressful, but Paul really shouldered that burden for us. He will negotiate for the best price as if he was buying the house himself. He clearly fought hard for us, and we got a good deal as a consequence.

Paul is quite simply the best real estate agent you could ever ask for. He really cares about the people he helps. I feel fortunate that we've been able to keep in touch and that I can count him among our friends.

Brutal Honesty

Sep 02, 2014 by Jessica Y

Paul did an amazing job helping us find our perfect home. We were new to Austin and searching for our first home. He blew us away with his expertise on Austin's housing market, his friendliness, his extreme patience (lots of it, since we changed our minds quite a bit) and, what I valued most, his brutal honesty. He understood what we wanted and worked hard to find it for us. He walked us through the entire buying process, turning a potentially painful process to a fun learning experience. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends and family, as I slowly but surely convince each and every one of them to move to Austin.

Love you Paul..our Realtor for life!

Sep 02, 2014 by Chris M

My Wife and I have used Paul 2x now to purchase property in the Austin Area, after being referred to him by a friend; we couldnt have be more satisfied with the outcome. He is the very definition of professional, knows his market, and makes the process smooth. Wife loves to tell the story of when they were our looking at properties, and he had no problem looking after our sleeping newborn, so my wife could take a look around without waking him...well the baby did wake, didn't phase Paul a bit, and kept him entertained till she returned....did i mention he is an amazing person, father and someone who we now consider a good friend. Love you Paul..our Realtor for life!

present and helpful but not overbearing

Aug 29, 2014 by Flynn K

Paul assisted my fiancee and I with the purchase of our first home.
Throughout each step of the process he made us feel at ease.
In addition to having an excellent website which helped us a great deal during our home search, Paul is honest and has excellent communication skills.
He was always available for questions and assistance.
He is very knowledgable about the Austin real estate market and brought up several points which never would have crossed my mind.
He has an excellent style of being present and helpful but not overbearingly so.
I relied heavily upon him during the negotiating phase and when choosing a lender and I am glad that I did.

Paul simplified a daunting experience and turned it into an enjoyable and educational one.

honest, reliable, competent

Aug 29, 2014 by Stephanie E

Paul and Jen are awesome! My husband and I were looking to purchase our first home, and we were a little apprehensive about the whole process. After a coworker of mine shared the remarkable experience he had when Paul was his realtor, I knew I had to do business with Paul. Paul is honest, reliable, competent, and efficient - skills that, in my opinion, are essential for any realtor to possess - especially when living in a city with a booming population.

Paul and Jen helped us to find the house of our dreams - and with the help of Max Leaman (our mortgage broker), we were setup for success from the beginning!

Thanks Paul :-)

intuitive understanding of our needs, and diligence

Aug 27, 2014 by Grace R

Paul is an absolutely terrific realtor. His knowledge of the Austin real estate market is detailed and exemplary. More importantly, his positive attitude, intuitive understanding of our needs, and diligence made buying a house in Austin an easy and even pleasant experience.

I'd recommend Paul without reservation, and would absolutely work with him again if the need arises.

firm but friendly stance during negotiations

Aug 27, 2014 by Lindsay E

We can't recommend Paul enough! Our home buying process was pretty atypical - we found a home MUCH more quickly than expected (really, our experience was abnormal from start to finish due to a number of chance variables). But, Paul always rolled with it, was super flexible, and he helped us get fully informed about the market and our home AFTER we had already made an offer. Then, when the sale got rocky due to the house requiring many unexpected repairs, Paul supported us in multiple ways - he gave us lots of great advice about contractors and timelines for repairs, and he took a firm but friendly stance during negotiations which ultimately got us our home.

We were particularly impressed with his negotiating style. He remained personable and easy-going, while working hard to get us a fair deal (and to calm us down during a few tense moments). Overall, he does a great job striking a balance between being laid back/friendly and professional/objective - he offered his input when needed but he was never pushy. He was also very easy to get ahold of and we enjoyed working with his colleague Jen Berbas, who brings her own unique expertise (she gave us some helpful info on a range of topics during the many walk-throughs she attended :)

Paul's really just a great realtor and a very easy person to work with. We will miss having him around and we plan to recommend him to friends and pick his brain about real estate for years to come!

Jen Rocks

Aug 22, 2014 by Byron W

Well, I never got to meet you in person Paul, lol, but the phone conversations were really enough - Although you did offer. This review will primarily be about Jennifer Berbas, a colleague of Paul Reddams(no yelp page for her)

I, in the last year was really thinking about buying a house. The more and more I thought about it, the more and more I wanted one. It was the right time for me to go through the process.

I searched and reviewed and searched again, I was never a Yelp user, but finding the right realtor, I found on Yelp. I had contact Paul about my interest in purchasing a home this year and he assisted me with getting the ball rolling. He provided some contacts for me to go through with a pre-qual letter and lender. Once that was done, I was ready to go.

Now, in comes Jen Berbas. While I am positive Paul would have been just as great, I am super glad I got to meet Jen and have her bring me through a big chunk of the process. She assisted me with finding homes I was interested in and then took me out to see them.

What I thought was cool, is after I had chosen some, we went out on the hunt, we looked at many houses and some were great and others I knew were a pass upon stepping in the door. Also Jen used her knowledge and assisted me in things to look for, think about and check when looking at these places.

I could tell from listening to her talk about realty and these houses, the passion for it. I think that is why I enjoyed this process so much because I feed off the passion she had for doing this sort of thing.

I had actually found a place that, I thought, was great for me. I ended up going through the the process of hiring a inspector, it wasn't until after that, I started to feel regret. I felt in my heart it just was no longer the place. I was extremely embarrassed to tell Jen and Paul, but I ended up writing a novel why I didn't like it, lol. - After I sent the email, Paul called me almost immediately and while I was feeling a bit down and embarrassed for doing that, he made that all go away and actually made me feel great about it not being a big deal at all and finding some more places that interested me and made me feel happy.

Jen contacted me again and we went to look at more places, I finally found a great house I was extremely interested in. It had checked all the boxes in my must-haves and wants(which is awesome). We put in the offer and because of the previous house details I went through, I knew 100% that this was the one I wanted.

The communication in this whole this was the highest rating I could ever give. Every phone call, answered or responded too quick, however my primary and preferred method, email, was always responded too, I dont have a single email I sent that wasnt answered. Also texts, I am a data guy, so I prefer email/text and it exceeded my expectations.

Fast-Forward a few months later and I am loving this place. I know I made the right choice, no regrets and I really want to thank you Jen for all of your help. I couldn't have seen myself do this journey with another realtor and thank you Paul for bringing her on and assisting me in the process as well.

Paul is a real estate geek

Aug 19, 2014 by Jesse

Paul is a real estate geek -- and I mean that affectionately. He's the guy that likes to go to open houses in his free time just because he wants to see where they put the master bedroom. He'll study home owner's insurance, just because. You want his candid advice when shopping for that gem in Austin. I'm glad we used him.

Found my Northwest Hills Home

Aug 19, 2014 by Cheryl D

Paul was REALLY there for me. Paul and I did battle together in the Northwest Hills area of Austin. He proved to be knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the Austin market as well as a wealth of information on everything from architecture to plumbing; if Paul didn't have the answer, he knew someone who did.

Paul was on 100% of the time: organized, efficient; and always looking out for my best interests. Because of his tenacity, I now have a beautiful home that fits my family perfectly. Paul is an all-around housing expert and I recommend him to anyone in the market for a realtor.

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