Why sell with me?

There are lots of reasons to sell your home with me, here are some of them.up in the air

  1. I offer a more fair commission model without sacrificing service, representation or marketing. (Ask me about it)
  2. I’m an independent broker with 20 years of experience. (Flexibility and knowledge)
  3. I sell homes that others can’t. (up for a challenge)
  4. My listings sell for up to 19% more than comparable homes while most fall in the range of 7-14% more. (excluding my commission model)
  5. If you’re unhappy or change your mind you can cancel our agreement prior to us receiving an offer. (willing to work for my commission and give you peace of mind)

More/ Why / How?

  • I don’t need to get rich on any one deal. I simply offer sellers a better scenerio that’s reflective of the amount of time and money I expect it to invest for a home to sell.  My compensation these days is 8k (paid at closing) + the 3% that is offered to buyer agents through the MLS
  • I’ve been selling Central Austin homes for 20 years now and have been my own broker for the last 11 years. Being on my own has been great for my clients who want me to be able to make decisions directly about commissions or anything that has to do with how listings are handled.
  • Sometimes (even in this market) homes listed by other agents don’t sell. Usually it means something went wrong with with marketing, pricing or condition. I’m good at fixing those problems and getting those homes sold, guess you might call me a problem solver.
  • Selling homes for more money isn’t rocket science.  I simply did a little research to figure out what Realtor activities sell homes for more money and then I do them.  Mine usually sell for 7-12% more but the as high as 19%.
  • This is how we sell homes for more  3 steps to making sellers more money .
  • Why offer the option for you to end your listing anytime?  For me, this just seems like the right thing to do. I’m okay with proving myself on each home and you shouldn’t have to stick with me if you are unhappy. (Not that I think you will be)

Other notes to considerWaiting

About me and selling homes

Selling your home is about you and your goals, not me and mine. I’m here to serve,  and offer the best advice I can. With all the choices you have of who to turn to sell your home, when you pick me – I’m honored. In exchange I offer the most selfless advice I can.

Lucky me

I enjoy my job. I count myself as one of the lucky few who gets to do something fun and make a living at the same time. So while selling homes is serious stuff – I might have a little fun along the way, hopefully you will too.


I’ve put the 10,000 + hours that Malcolm Gladwell says I need to be an expert. I’ve been  selling homes in a relatively small geographic area  since 1994 with about 90% of my sales originating in Central Austin.

Beyond the normal marketing stuff

I employ a stager and a professional photographer to help market each home I list and do so at my expense as a small part of earning my commission. Of course we also do an amazing job on-line etc. but you probably expect that so I won’t bore you with those details unless you ask.

Advocating for my clients

For me, when negotiating I’ve found it’s best to be nice but firm. Sometimes I’ll run into agents who feel it’s their job to be aggressive which is fine but not my style. I tend to be more matter of fact, cordial and as helpful as possible. If someone doesn’t want to buy your home, that’s okay we will find someone else.

Regular communications

Once we get your home on the market, if it doesn’t sell in the first week you’ll get a weekly  phone update and advice about what we should do next, if anything.

These updates are in part done for my sake and for the sake of our relationship – I view us as a team. I think regular communication is important. It builds trust and when we get in the middle of your deal I’ll want you to trust me and if you haven’t gotten to know me – that will be a tough thing to do.

Getting ready for the market

Preparation is key. The first three steps to preparing your home for sale are;

1.Inspection and energy audit

If you choose me, I’ll need a few things to get startedAll together

•Filled out seller’s disclosure
•Survey if you have one
•The requisite paperwork that gives me permission to sell your home

If you want to visit – call me anytime.


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