Bad marketing in Central Austin Allandale cost this seller 18k

Some Central Austin homes don’t sell because of a poor use of marketing tools.

poormarketing12I’ve been to this Allandale home, saw it the first day it came on the market and really liked it. It’s a nice mid-century home that’s redone and has a really cool retro vibe. It was priced well when it came on and was just reduced by another 18k. In my opinion the house is priced below market, but it’s not selling. Want to know why?

First, it is true that that homes priced below market sell. The caveat that’s not included in that saying is: it has to be marketed well. This home is not. Some critical marketing mistakes causing this home to not sell include:

  • Only one picture in the MLS.
  • The link to the home’s virtual tour is broken.
  • It’s not on (I’m not even sure how that doesn’t happen. There is a free posting opportunity that doesn’t include agent contact info.)
  • It is on Zillow, with it’s one picture, but with no way to contact the listing agent.
  • Same thing on Trulia…
  • The agent is a self-proclaimed duplex specialist.

There are other marketing issues here as well, but with just these this house doesn’t have much of a chance for buyers to really discover the property online. If you don’t excite people online first, then at the curb and finally at the house, your home isn’t going to sell.

Here are a few tips if you or someone you know is considering selling Central Austin real estate:

  1. Make sure multiple photos are available in the MLS, and on and Trulia.
  2. Make sure the online listings at, Zillow and Trulia include how to contact the listing agent (or someone!) for more information about the home.
  3. Hire an expert who can help by making the home appealing on the Internet, at the curb and in the house.

There are simply too many homes buyers can pick from to have lackluster marketing and expect a sell at or above market.

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