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Top 10 Austin Neighborhoods for Families in 2016

Austin neighborhoods for families

Families often ask me what parts of town they should live in so that their kids can go to good schools.  As a father of two, I understand the desire to give your children the best possible education.  Fortunately, we have a lot of great schools in the Austin area in a variety of neighborhoods….

Good Homes in Great Austin School Zones by Price Range

As a dad with two kids, I know how important it is to consider the quality of schools when you are looking for a family home.  I often get questions about good school zones from homebuyers, so I decided to do a search of those homes with a strong vertical line up where the elementary,…

Looking for a home that feeds to great schools?

Not crazy about a shifting market

If you are looking for a home in Austin that offers good public schools from elementary through high school, let us know, we can help. Mapped in the image below are Austin homes that have a vertical line up of elementary, middle and high school with each having a minimum score of 8 and being under…

A tour of Westlake’s Barton Creek Elementary in Eanes ISD?

There is quite a bit that is fantastic about Barton Creek Elementary. A couple of disappointments were uncovered as we researched the school, but overall it’s a world class schools that most any parent would be excited to send their little ones to. I would certainly send mine! Barton Creek Elementary Barton Creek Elementary is just off Bee…

Westlake Hills – The Elementary Schools?

There is much to the fantastic reputation of Eanes. Many parents who move into Westlake – do so for the schools. Eanes Independent School District is well regarded and for years has provided the best public school option in the Austin area. In fact, some parents move here with the idea of preferring Eanes to private schools….

Murchison Middle School in Northwest Hills

Located in Northwest Hills, Murchison Middle School was named in honor of Eugene A. Murchison. He was a member of the school board for 24 years and a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts. After his exceptional period of employment with the school district, the middle school was named in his honor. One of the big…

Anderson High School on Mesa, Just N of Northwest Hills

In Austin, TX it is Anderson High School that many choose when asked to name an outstanding example of scholastic excellence. This community high school is committed to providing each student with the finest educational experience possible. It is critical that parents understand which schools can help their children live up to their full potential….

Best preschools serving Northwest Hills

The best pre-schools in the North West Hills area are (imo) … The Early Childhood Program from the JCC In full disclosure, our son goes to school here, he started at 3 months and loves it, so do we. It is a Jewish school and neither my wife or I are Jewish but they welcomed us…