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Funny thing about Austin: If you draw a 15 minute drive time circle around downtown, your living style options are virtually limitless. You can party like a rock star in your penthouse condo or get pretty close to having no neighbors at all. Your neighbors can be college kids or aging hippies. Your local dining options could be a burger joint or a five star steak house. These neighborhoods are right next to each other, but they all have distinctly different vibes. We hope you find yours in one of them.

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2015 Annual Real Estate Report for Austin’s Allandale Neighborhood

2015 Allandale real estate report

The Allandale neighborhood is actually composed of three parts:  (1)  Older Allandale, (2) Allandale, and (3) and Allandale North. Below I’ve identified the 2015 home sales trends for each of the three areas.  Like most parts of Central Austin, home sales in Allandale are on a steady rise.  With current market conditions I don’t expect…

Northwest Hills

Northwest Hills view to someones backyard 78731
  • • sits on edge of three canyons – so yes, hills
  • • wide streets
  • large family homes
  • excellent schools
  • where I live (seriously)


Tarrytown, Austin homes for sale 78703
  • 5 minutes to Downtown
  • smart, charming people
  • most $$$ dirt in Austin
  • mix of home styles
  • front porches


Westlake home on the lake
  • 10 Minutes to downtown
  • best public schools
  • higher taxes
  • proximity & privacy
  • lots of hills


Jeffrey's, Clarksville neighborhood fine dinning
  • 2 minutes to downtown
  • artsy & funky
  • small yards
  • small backyeards
  • totally walkable

Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin Condo's for sale
  • 0 minutes to downtown
  • fun & vibrant
  • walk don’t drive
  • Austin meets NYC

Barton Hills

Barton Springs pool austin 78704
  • 5 minutes to downtown
  • Zilker Park and Greenbelt
  • urban with outdoors
  • family friendly & cool

Travis Heights

South Congress travis heights
  • 2 minutes to downtown
  • across the river
  • ever hip SoCo
  • great food and shops
  • liberal & laid back