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Funny thing about Austin: If you draw a 15 minute drive time circle around downtown, your living style options are virtually limitless. You can party like a rock star in your penthouse condo or get pretty close to having no neighbors at all. Your neighbors can be college kids or aging hippies. Your local dining options could be a burger joint or a five star steak house. These neighborhoods are right next to each other, but they all have distinctly different vibes. We hope you find yours in one of them.

So take a look and find a piece of Central Austin that will feel just right... Find your Austin vibe>>

Home Values in the Doss Elementary Attendance Zone

A remodeled home in Northwest Hills, Austin, Tx

  Curious about the value of homes in the Doss Elementary attendance zone?  A total of 105 Doss Owl homes changed hands in 2016, and we’ve got the scoop. Here are some of the highlights, with more details below: 31 of all homes in the Doss Elementary attendance zone sold in 7 days or less…

2017 Brings More Efficient Design Features to Austin Homes

Bold colors are prominent in some of Laura Britt's pending home interior projects.

2017 Brings More Efficient Home Design Features I recently had the opportunity to interview Laura Britt of Laura Britt Design.  As a home design geek, I was a little giddy about having the chance to pick this award-winning architect/interior designer’s brain.  As we sat down to chat in Laura’s conference room in an adorable house…

Guide to Austin Homestead Exemptions

California modern style home in Highland Park

In Texas everyone gets one homestead exemption that reduces your property tax bill by removing part of a home’s value from taxation. The homestead exemption does a couple of key things for you: It keeps your taxes from increasing more than 10% in any given year, and You may get a tax break, often around 15%,…

Austin ranks #1 city for job seekers in 2017

Austin ranked #1 city for job seekers in 2017 according to research by NerdWallet.

Oops!  I did it again. Austin is definitely channeling Britney Spears because Austin ranked #1 on yet another national list of awesome cities. NerdWallet recently revealed the results of its search to identify the best cities for job seekers in 2017.  Who’s tops?  Austin, of course.  NerdWallet looked at federal data of the 100 largest…

Austin Home Design Trends for 2017

Houzz predicts 28 home trends for 2017. Here are the ones we think you'll see in Austin this year.

Houzz’s Predicted Home Design Trends for 2017 One of my favorite Houzz contributors, Mitchell Parker, recently posted an article on Houzz identifying the 28 home design trends he predicts we will see more of in 2017.  You can check out the full article here.  Of the 28 trends Parker identified, below are the 10 home…

National study shows Austin has one of highest rates of influx & exodus of residents

Austin makes the list of top 10 cities nationwide with the highest rates of residents moving into and out of the city

There’s been a lot of talk about Austin’s increasing property values making our city ‘unlivable’ for many native Austinites.  It’s on the news, City Council is talking about it, developers are talking about it.  I even get the occasional nasty comment on my Facebook page from people accusing me, yes just me, of somehow being…

Buying a Home in Austin During the Winter Holidays

    Many Austin home buyers are reluctant to search for homes during the holidays.  We can totally relate.  After all, the season is already hectic, and it can be a challenge to find the time to view properties when you are already juggling so many other seasonal commitments.  While it may seem counterintuitive, December…

Selling Your Austin Home During the Holidays

    Many Austin families are reluctant to list their homes for sale during the winter holidays.  The season can already be hectic and many people don’t want to deal with the added distraction of preparing your home for sale.  I can totally relate.  But before you eliminate the idea completely, there are some benefits…